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雪花冰,又名綿綿冰。雪花冰最大的特點是其冰的本身已充滿香濃的味道,並非像傳統刨冰般,以清水冰配糖漿等帶出味道。優質的雪花冰的外觀看起來像棉布般層層疊疊,口感輕如雪花,入口即溶,味道濃厚獨特,清涼但不會使舌頭有凍彊感的雪花冰。「香港地」的芒果雪花冰, 用最上乘的澳洲昆士蘭新鮮芒果, 肉質緊實多汁,少纖維,杏黃色,非常甜美。

Snow ice biggest feature is its ice itself is full of rich flavor, Quality snow ice appearance looks like layers of cotton, taste light as snow.

"Hong Kong Day" mango snow ice, used the best Queensland fresh mango, fleshy juicy, less fiber, very sweety.

「楊枝甘露」據報最早於1984年在香港首先出現。 它一直保持著它的流行度直到現在。  楊枝甘露是香港甜點的著名項目!「香港地」的楊枝甘露, 用最上乘的澳洲昆士蘭新鮮芒果, 肉質緊實多汁,泰國柚子,印尼的椰汁,香甜味美, 再配上日本宇治綠茶雪糕, 更添風味。
Mango pomelo sago is a type of contemporary Hong Kong dessert. Having invented in 1984, it has sustained its popularity up till now. "Hong Kong Day" Mango pomelo Sago, with the best Australian Queensland fresh mango,  Thai pomelo, Indonesia's coconut milk, sweet and delicious, matched with Japan's Uji green tea ice cream make it more perfect.

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我們以澳洲本地最新鮮的水果和原材料, 演譯最地道、最正宗的香港甜品和小食

True- Hong Kong taste!
True- Australian fresh ingredients!

We offer the most authentic Hong Kong desserts with the freshest fruits and raw materials in Australia.​

四大天皇 Big Four


Mille Crepe Cake is a decadent and elegant classic French no-bake cake consisting of 20 layers of paper thin crepes, each separated with a brush of French pastry cream. The word mille means “a thousand sheets, layers,” implying the many layers of crepes.

雞蛋仔是一種香港原創的傳統街頭小吃。香港地甜品的雞蛋仔用的是傳統古法配方, 主要成分包括澳洲本地新鮮雞蛋、麵粉、奶和糖,成份天然, 真材實料, 完成後呈金黃色, 內裡充滿如蛋糕的質感, 非一般坊間用即沖粉做成的雞蛋仔,內裡空空的。香港地甜品的雞蛋仔味道絕對能帶給你最真。香港情懷!
​An eggetts (egg waffle) is a spherical egg-based waffle popular in Hong Kong. Hong Kong Day dessert eggetts used with  traditional recipe, the main ingredients include the Australian local fresh eggs, flour, milk, all nature ingredients, after the completion of a golden yellow, filled with the cake like texture, not like some  shop that use with instant powder, it  made the eggetts inside empty. Hong Kong Day Eggetts can bring you the most Hong Kong original taste!